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Chia Pets are Love

"It's like a chia pet"
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.About the Community Title.
Proof that what you say in DVD commentaries will damn you for life is the communty for Braden Hunt, happily titled "Chia Pets are Love", because we all know that if there was a Braden Hunt chia pet? We'd buy it. And if you do not understand this reference? Go buy a copy of/refer to your Saiyuki: Requiem DVD and listen to Braden's commentary.

1. You must be a fan of Braden Hunt. How simple is that?

2. I won't get too pissy about off-topic-ness, but try to avoid it? I know there's only so much we can talk about a person, but don't get too bad with the lack of topics. This is also very much so a support community. So off-topic will be allowed in moderation.

3. No dub-hating, obviously

Name: Braden Hunt
Age: 22 (thank you jupiterjazz84 for the info)
Eyes:dark brown?
Hair: Black (well it looks black)
Etc: Braden's first leading role in an anime, first role at all if I'm correct, was as Cho Hakkai in ADV's English dub of Saiyuki. Since then he's landed other roles in big name titles such as Sister Princess and Peacemaker Kurogane. He is part of the 2005-2006 company at the Masquerade Theatre (and was part of the 2004-2005 company). He has also performed in many other venues around Houston such as Stages, Main Street, Main Street Youth Theater, Interactive Theater, The Ensemble Theater and the A.D. Players. Braden received his formal training from HSPVA & The University of Houston. Let's not forget that he sings. Yes. He does. The Masquerade Theatre is a musical theatre after all.

And he still has time for the occasional role in anime. What an awesome guy, ne?

Sincere apologies about relationship status. It's a gray area (as it is better for it to be, I'm sure). So due to conflicting info, no longer will there be a secion in regards to that. Though the current story can be found within the community posts.(And I personally believe it, but will no longer be posting such things up here) My apologies in this regard. <(- -)> <(_ _)> <(- -)>

coming soon!

.Braden Hunt's Roles. (bold indicates leading role)

Saiyuki- Cho Hakkai
Sister Princess-Wataru Minakami
Peacemaker Kurogane- Souji Okita

Hakugei- Legend of Moby Dick- Shiro Tokisada
This Ugly Yet Beautiful world- Takeru Takemoto

(know more? e-mail me at kouryuu_the_river_rat@yahoo.com to let me know so I can edit this)

coming soon. Once I can hunt down the only link I've got...

(graphic coming soon)



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